About us

Barista's en eigenaressen links Anouk & rechts Sophie

This is us, Anouk (left) and Sophie (right). We’re the founders of CoffeeTravels and friends sinds the start of this century. As we said on the homepage, we’ve got a huge passion for coffee and a never ending thirst for traveling. Out of this passion and thirst, CoffeeTravels was created. Through CoffeeTravels we can share this passion with people who we work with or stop by our bar for a nice cup of coffee. 
We think coffee brings a connection with it. 
So we try to bring a piece of that connection, happiness and passion with every cup of coffee we pour. 
Though our years of traveling beforehand we are aware of what is going on with our environment, so we try to work as environmentally friendly, durable and sustainable as we can. We do this by only working with with collectives of farmers that grow our beans in a natural way and by travelling as CO2 neutral as we can. We only use bio-degradable packaging for our coffee to practice preservation. 
Together with our colleagues we try to convey this to the people for whom we serve coffee. 
We hope this work will bring us many more beautiful adventures an that we can make you happy with a lovely cup of coffee. 


Hopefully see you soon!