Our focus on sustainability

At CoffeeTravels we are very big on environment-friendly, people and animal-friendly solutions. Because of this we get our milk, coffee, tea and other sweet things at our honest, small and local partners. A few of our partners are EEHT, BeanBrothers, Hof van Schoor, BLOEM and Raspberry Maxx. All of these partners are no further than Brabant our closest province. We collect our caps from the milk cartons for guide dogs, share our old biological and fair-trade coffee with whoever wants it. 
We try to be as sustainable as possible so that we can do our job as long as possible.

Our coffee

organic, rainforest alliance, fairtrade ❤ 

We work with a blend of different coffee beans from the Aprysa cooperative, our beans are native to Peru from the province Rodríguez de Mendoza in the Amazons region. This region is famous for its rugged Andes mountain terrain and dense cloudy jungle. The beans(berries) are grown on 1400 to 1900 meter height. These conditions make for a few microclimates. These microclimates make for perfect conditions to grow different kinds of beans. The Aprysa cooperative is helping all the 257 farmers to grow and harvest the beans. There are no pesticides or other harmful substances used while growing the beans. This means that they are growing completely natural and organic. Because of the variation in heights, the farmers can harvest a longer period of time. This makes for a healthier landscape on which the farmers grow their crop. 
The variations in beans that are involved in our blend are too many to name, but a few beans that come forward in our blend, these are: ''Pacamara, Maragogype, Geilla, Estrella, Gran Colombia and Castillo.
After the harvest the beans are shipped in the most sustainable way and locally roasted at our coffee roaster in Eindhoven. This blend gives the following flavour profile Cherry, Marzipan, Butter, Almonds

Our cups

Because of our mission to work as sustainable as possible we only use the best possible options for cups. We sell Rubytech and enamel mugs in our shop, a reusable mug so you don't have to drink out of a throw away cup or mug anymore. On location we only pour coffee in bamboo water coated cups which can be personalised. All of course with responsible ink.
Next to the bamboo cups we can use our fresh made ice tea cups as well. The cups are compostable and can be integrated into soil.
From September 2023 onwards we also have porcelain as choice.

Coffee on location

When we arrive on location we bring everything we described above with us, of course.
We bring our organic milk and plant-based oat milk. As said, all the caps from the milk cartons are collected and brought to a collection point of KNGF. The money that is collected with these caps are used to train puppies in to guide dogs for visually impaired people and for people with other handicaps such as young children with a disability or autism, physically handicapped people in wheelchairs and people with PTSD. The caps are made in to granulate (raw material) and go to a company that makes skateboards out of the caps.
With the coffee we only serve cane sugar. Cane sugar is made of only the stem and leaves of the plant. With this method the roots of the plant stays in the ground so that it can form a new plant. This way no new plants have to be planted and no new land has to be ploughed over.

❤  We always bring tea ❤ 

Our tea choices that we bring are the ones from EEHT, the people from EEHT are people with a distance to the labour market. These people personally weigh and pack the tea, this means there are no machines involved in the process.
Other tea we bring, we source at local companies that sell tea.
Even the cloths we use on our travels are made from recycled plastics. We use these cloths to clean everything and to wipe the steamer after making a coffee.

Now for our travelling.
To do our job on location we have to bring gear as you can imagine. Our barista team joins the gear or tries to travel by train as much as possible.

Our van drives on a combination of diesel and Adblue.
Warning, here are the technical facts of this combination.
Adblue is a solution of urea in demineralised water that is used to bring the emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx)12 to a minimum. It is added to vehicles that use diesel to make them as sustainable and clean as possible. This also makes sure that the vehicles comply with the emission standards. Adblue converts up to 85% of the NOx emissions into water and nitrogen.

Our baristas are very aware of our sustainability mission and try to make the best choices possible on location.